Rothe House is an early modern mansion in Kilkenny city. The complex was built by the wealthy merchant family the Rothe’s from 1594 onwards. The mansion consists of three buildings seperated by courtyards and was completed in 1610. It has been partially restored, however the displays are at times off putting as there is a jumble of artefacts stretching from the Bronze age to the modern period. Nonetheless Rothe House is very much worth a visit.

The mansion is a complex of three seperate houses seperated by cobbled courtyards. The first and most impressive house (above) faces on to Parliament street Kilkenny.

Behind this house, the first to be constructed, is a small courtyard which includes an impressive reconstructed balcony giving access to the first floor.

View of the courtyard below from the balcony.

The first floor in the building facing onto Parliament street has been renovated although the contents range from several historical periods.

While the limstone fireplace is original, the skull and antlers above it slightly out of place in a 17th century house – they are of a gaint deer extinct in Ireland since c10,000 BC.

The top floor in this building is the most impressive room in Rothe House. The reconstructed roof used original techniques and no nails!

The second courtyard is entered through this arch. The visitor passes underneath the second major building in the complex.

This is the second building in the complex.

The court yard seperating the second and third buildings (above) is far larger containing a well (inside the structure on the far left)

To the rear of the complex is a reconstructed 17th century garden which is very impressive given it was rebuilt from what was a unused carpark.

The Rothe family who built Rothe house did hold it for long. In 1641 they supported the 1641 rebellion. The rebellion was ultimately crushed in with the arrival of Cromwell and the new model army. The Rothe’s were dispossesed of Rothe House.

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