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Tickets cost €60 for the entire day (or €50 per person for groups of three or more).

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Myself and fellow guide Jamie Goldrick have carefully chosen three locations which unlock the fascinating story of medieval ancestors. These were a people who lived in a real life game of thrones. In a world where most lives ended at 40, warfare and famine were all too common.

The day starts in Glendalough, the serene mountain monastery. In this 1400 year old site we will tell the story of Ireland’s earliest towns and those attracted to them not least the Viking raiders of the 9th & 10th centuries. The later story of the surrounding mountains is equally fascinating when Gaelic rebels fought Norman conquerors as the region became a medieval frontier.

From Glendalough we will head west through the Wicklow Gap to Ireland’s best preserved medieval city – Kilkenny. Its walls, abbeys, castle and cathedral ooze history. We will walk through the streets of this town where medieval feuds and power struggles were played out.  We return to a world not for the feint hearted It was in these very streets where Ireland’s first witch was burned in 1324. Twenty years later half the town died as the Black Death ravaged Ireland in 1348.

Surviving this we will leave the well worn tracks and head into what was the Lordship of Tipperary, to a hidden gem of Irish history – Kilcooley Abbey. Situated in beautiful surrounds the abbey is the perfect location to finish the day. We will relive its days of past glory giving you a real sense of medieval abbey was like and the sad story of its decline.

Here a full history and detailed podcast on the tour here.
The entire trip costs only €60 for the entire day (bookings of groups of 3 or more €50 each). Places are limited to just 29 spaces.

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