So we’ve got to episode 5 (no.6 is in production), I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. While the show is free to download unfortunately it is not free to produce and to carry out the plan for this year I need your help!

This year I hope to speed up production and release six episodes in the next  six months but to do this I need your help. The podcast will continue our journey through Irish history so we will reach the famous Battle of Clontarf in episode 7 and the Normans will come on board episode 10.A really important aspect of the podcast is that its historical accurate. This takes indept research which is not available in general histories or websites. It requires reading multiple sources and texts specific to each era. This is where you can help get the show out more frequently.

Often production is delayed waiting for books in the library or verifying websites, so to speed up production I need to get a lot more core texts.
While I can pay for the internet costings myself, books cost money……money I unfortunately don’t have! So if you have a few euro/dollars to spare send it to your favourite Irish history podcast through paypal here. If your not comfortable doing that and you want to buy a book directly email me at You will eventually get the information back in an easily understood format without having to read the book!Thanks for all the support and feedback to date



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  1. éilis on

    Hi There,
    I just discovered your site and really think what you’re doing is wonderful. Do you still need people to help out? I’m a student so I can help some, not much unfortunately, but perhaps that’s okay. Let me know. Liz