After a break of three months, the War of Independence Series finally returns! This episode takes you back to Ireland in the grip of war in 1920. Given it has been a while since the last War of Independence episode, this show eases you back into the story. 

Rather than recap previously covered material, the show looks at what wider life was like for those not directly involved in the conflict. We often forget this, as life continued, and people had to deal with a myriad of other problems.

So along the way I will introduce you to two fascinating but long forgotten people – Alice Morton and Bridget Carolan. While they had to deal with the fall out of the war, the episode explores some of the other problems they had to deal with. 

Bridget Carolan lived in grinding poverty while Alice Morton was a controversial figure who was embroiled in a sensational affair. As I explore their lives I name check the major events covered in the series to date to jog your memory. The show concludes by looking at what how people entertained themselves during the war. 

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Sound – Jason Looney

Additional Research – Sam McGrath 

Additional Narrations – Therese Murray & Aidan Crowe

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