This episode returns to the story of Seumus Robinson, Dan Breen, Sean Hogan and Sean Treacy. Known as the Big Four, these IRA volunteers had come to prominence after playing a leading role in the Soloheadbeg Ambush often considered the opening shots of the war. After five months on the run, the police captured Sean Hogan. Given the eighteen year old almost certainly faced a death sentence, Robinson, Breen and Treacy resolved to free him. 

This would lead to the famous Knocklong Ambush, a daring escape attempt. While two people were killed and several seriously wounded, Knocklong would prove a key moment in the escalation of the conflict. 

We have launched a Dan Breen Wanted Poster which dates from the revolutionary period in the shop. You can find it below.

Additional research was by the archivist and historian Sam McGrath, sound was by Jason Looney, additional narrations are by Aidan Crowe and Therese Murray and the artwork for the series is by Keith Hynes.

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