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with permission of  willmcq

This footage is a drive through Dublin city centre in 1974. The most striking difference is the streetscape which has been transformed in the last 40 odd years. As far as I can make out the first building that has survived intact pops up at 1-15 – the Ulster Bank on Suffolk Street? The footage also shows how differently people moved around Dublin in 1974.  This journey is now impossible as Grafton Street has since been pedestrianised. To find your bearings the journey starts on St Stephens Green and moves on to Grafton street.

Things to look out for

54 sec – The Green Motorbike annd sidecar parked on Grafton street

1:26 – The cyclist notices the camera

1:32 The central Bank is only being constructed.

2:38 The trees  on O Connell street have since removed and then replaced.

2:43 The famous James Larkin Statue has not been erected.

2:58 The bus is driving through the site of the Spire today. Talbot street was not yet pedestrianised so Traffic could turn right from O Connel street (now impossible).

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  1. Ran on

    I was in Dublin this year, a teenager girl Smoking grass with boys older than me in Trinity college park, happy days! I do rembember that the buses were on a strike for many weeks, this is september 1974, according to footnote on youtube.