Female spies in 14th century Ireland…..

Medieval warfare was traditionally thought to be the preserve of men. However 14th century records illustrate gaelic Irish women participated in warfare acting as spies moving between the Anglo Norman colony and Gaelic Ireland. Background Through the course of the late 13th century, society in Ireland became increasingly violent. Wicklow and the surrounding regions were… Read more »

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A journey through medieval county Kilkenny in pictures

County Kilkenny has perhaps one of the highest concentrations of medieval remains in Ireland. Conquered in the decades after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169, the area was heavily restructured. This saw an intensive and large-scale building programme begin as towns, castles and abbeys popped up across the landscape. As society became increasingly unstable… Read more »

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The medieval Irish mullet.

The mullet is perhaps one of the more controversial of hairstyles. In a low point of modern culture this hairstyle reached unprecedented popularity in the 80’s. However if you’ve braved the taunts and abuse feel proud in the fact that you are in a long line of people facing similar repression over the mullet. In… Read more »

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Who owns history? The Boston College subpoenas…..

Background of the case The Belfast Project at Boston College has collected an enormous archive of material on Northern Ireland over the past 40 years. Its most controversial project is a research programme that has seen people directly involved in the troubles give recorded testimonies of their experiences.The interviewees are primarily from a republican background… Read more »

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Ballybeg Priory, co. Cork

I am currently finishing episode 14 of the podcast. Hopefully it will be out early next week, in the meantime here is a short photoessay of Ballybeg priory, Co. Cork. Situated close to the medieval town of Buttevant in North Cork the priory itself is in pretty poor condition but is definately worth a look… Read more »

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Barryscourt Castle, Co Cork.

Barryscourt Castle, County Cork is perhaps the best restored castle in Ireland. Situated 10 miles east of Cork City at Carraigtwohill,  the towerhouse has been renovated to what it looked like in the late 16th century. Below are a series of pictures from the castle.

Famine, War and Plague: In Search of a Medieval Crisis.

In the 14th century Europe experienced one of the worst crises in recorded human history which saw war, famine and plague decimate the population. In Ireland this crisis developed in a society already wracked by deep divisions and political upheaval. Although brewing for decades this crisis began in earnest in 1315 when one of the… Read more »

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The Rock of Dunamase

The Rock of Dunmase is a stunning medieval ruin perched on a rocky outcrop a few miles east of Portlaoise, Co Laois. Overlooking the surrounding landscape the ruinous castle was once a formidable fortress. Standing atop a steep rock  it is protected on three sides by cliffs while the only accessible side was protected by… Read more »

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Special: Dennis Doherty – A Life of Survival Against the Odds

Episode 12. This episode looks at the fascinating story of Dennis Doherty. Born in Derry in 1814, Doherty would spend most of his life in Australian prisons or trying to break out of them. His story is remarkable – he was flogged 3,000 times and spent years in solitary confinement but yet he continually struggled… Read more »

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