Photo Essay: Thieves, Pirates and Conwy Castle – a trip through medieval Wales

In September 1315, thieves in north Wales attacked Alexander le Convers and robbed him. As medieval robberies go this was a major heist as the thieves with 1,000 marks (£660) a massive sum of the time. Le Convers and his money was destined for Holyhead and then Ireland to fund increasingly bankrupt Anglo-Norman Colony in… Read more »

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Ireland 1014 – What a difference a millennium makes.

1000 years today, one of the most famous battle in Irish history, the Battle of Clontarf  took place. While I have made an audiobook about that battle (available below) I wanted to to mark this momentous anniversary with a podcast. In this show I look at Ireland in 1014 and some of the things about… Read more »

Audiobook ‘Brian Boru – Life, power and conquest in medieval Ireland’

Set in a world where life was cheap and blood was the price of power, this audiobook tells the story of Ireland’s most famous high-king – Brian Boru. In what is a real life Game of Thrones historian Fin Dwyer reveals the gripping story of Brian’s relatively humble origins to his domination of Ireland in… Read more »

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Five of the greatest killers in Irish history

In a show with a title such as this you might expect names such as Oliver Cromwell or Strongbow to feature heavily. While these men are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Ireland, the greatest killers in Irish history are not humans but disease. In this show I take a look at… Read more »


Over the coming year I will be releasing the following audiobooks. As the millenium of the Battle of Clontarf approaches I am producing a two hour audiobook on the life of Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf in the coming days. Find out more here.     My best selling book “Witches, Spies &… Read more »

What happened when the medieval climate changed? Is this what lies ahead?

I am currently writing an article on climate change in medieval Ireland and its impact. When I finished this graph the results were pretty stark and a perhaps a little alarming given the current changes in our climate today. Medieval Europe experienced climate change in the late 13th and early 14th century. Scientists generally divide… Read more »

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Spain – in search of civil war and revolution

I’ve been fascinated by the Spanish Civil War and revolution for years. Aside from the ideological context to the conflict it is one of the great ‘what ifs’ of history. Between 1936 -1939 anarchist, socialist and republicans in Spain supported by thousands of international volunteers tried but ultimately failed to stop a fascist insurrection establishing… Read more »

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200 year old ‘street art’

I like street art. There’s been some great stuff around Dublin of late particularly this near the Four Courts. If your not a fan it could be worse – check out this stuff from ‘back in the day’ in 1809. There was also this doodling It’s all on this lovely door. I came across wandering… Read more »