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The Fenians & the Manchester Martyrs

The three condemned men Michael O’Brien, Michael Larkin and William Allen were all Irish. It was widely believed that the British courts had treated them harshly. As the execution day approached rumours spread that an escape orchestrated by the Fenians was on the cards. The city was on a knife edge. This podcast tells the… Read more »

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The Fenian who was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered

While it may seem incredible, in 1867 this Tipperary man Thomas Burke was one of two Irish rebels who were the last people sentenced to death by hanging, drawing and quartering! While this brutal practice may be one of the most gruesome inventions of the medieval period it survived until 1870 before being struck off… Read more »

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Michael Davitt

Famine Survivor – Fenian – Land Leaguer – LAbour Leader – Antiracist

The Great Amnesty Campaign of 1869

On Sunday October 10th 1869, Dublin heaved with excitement and trepidation. Political banners hung from houses while the city’s trade union offices buzzed with excitement. Despite a police ban on a planned procession through the city tens of thousands of people turned out. They were joined by thousands more who flooded into the city from… Read more »

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The Phoenix Park in Pictures

The Phoenix park is one the largest walled city parks in Europe. Situated on the fringe of Dublin city centre, the park was opened to the public in 1745. Since then it has seen numerous monuments and buildings erected and has seen its fair share of controversy. 1. The Wellington Monument

Images from The Land War

We are used to watching news in real time through television  and social media. It was in the 19th century that the antecedent of the modern news industry emerged through newspapers and magazines. Although photographs were around since the Crimean War in 1850’s the hand drawn sketch dominated the print media. The last post I… Read more »

5 Great Film Clips from Irish History

Imagine how our understanding of the Norman invasion of Ireland might change if we had footage of Strongbow entering Dublin in 1170 or what we might think of Brian Boru if we had footage of his burial at Armagh in 1014. These comparisons highlight the role that film footage will play as we construct the… Read more »

William and Daniel Cormack: from Execution to International Fame

In March 1858, two brothers mounted the scaffold outside Nenagh Jail in North Tipperary for the murder of John Ellis. One of the brothers, 19 year old Daniel Cormack pleaded “Lord have mercy on me, for you know, Jesus, that I neither had hand, act nor part in that for which I am about to… Read more »

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Top 5 Celebrity Jailbirds in Irish history

Never mind X factor or any of that rubbish, here’s 5 people (or groups of people) who are actually worth talking about….. Although not all are recognisable today these were all celebrity jailbirds in their day. 1.     Oscar Wilde While celebrated today for his skill with the pen, Oscar Wilde at the time of his… Read more »

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