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Who’s the missing martyr?


I have been meaning to put this up since I wrote an article about St Peters church Phibsboro. Situated across the road from St Peter’s Catholic Church is a small neat Baptist church. Constructed in 1903 it was once one of the two main Baptist churches in Dublin, the other being in Rathmines.  It was converted into offices in the 1990’s. The red bricked structure is quite plain like you might expect.

The aspect that really caught my eye was the four busts of church reformers, two on each door.  One is in great condition; two are severely worn, while the fourth is unrecognisable. The three remaining are Huss, Tyndale and Latimer all executed reformers, so its safe to assume the fourth is a protestant martyr too. Anyone have any suggestions? It seems that the busts move chronologically from left to right which would put the missing martyr’s death between 1536-1555….

While it’s not worth a journey to see on its own its worth a look if your checking out Broadstone, Grangegorman and St Peters all in the same part of Dublin.