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Podcast – Irish American Radicals; The Forgotten Emigrants


This podcast tells the story of Irish-Americans who have been forgotten by history. These were the revolutionaries, feminists, socialists, and trade union organisers in early 20th century United States. Often dubbed as ‘Un-American’ they strenuously rejected this notion. They saw themselves as much Americans or Irish American as much as anyone else, they just held a very different view of what America should be. Hear their fascinating story in the show.

The Forgotten Emigrants Irish American Radicals



The Forgotten Emigrants – Irish American Radicals in the early 20th century.

One Sunday afternoon in 1907 in the Bronx, New York a group of Irish-Americans gathered to discuss politics. A mixture of recent immigrants and second generation Irish Americans they gathered at the Gurely-Flynn household. The Gurley-Flynn’s were in many ways … read more