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(919-944) The Pursuit of Power (pt. 1) The Decline of the O’Neills


Episode 6 is the start of a fascinating story, full of twists and turns. Over the next three shows we will see the O Neill kingdom who have dominated the first five shows see their power challenged by the Dal Cais (the family of Brian Boru). This will see many challengers rise and fall as these two families battle it out for supremacy in medieval Ireland.

The show begins with the rule of the O’Neill High King Donnchad Donn who came to power in 919. His life was intertwined with one of the greatest O’Neill warriors Muircherteach Mac Neill, eulogised on his death as “the hector of the west”. Find out how he earned that name and where Brian Boru’s family, the Dal Cais family originated.

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The Pursuit of Power (part 1)- The Decline of the O Neills


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(902-930) Changing Times: Ireland 902-930


Episode five  is an exciting journey through one of the most turbulent times in Medieval Ireland. The years 902- 930 see Ireland’s most powerful faction – The O Neill kingdom go to war with their traditional enemies – The Eoganacht. … read more