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Spain – in search of civil war and revolution


I’ve been fascinated by the Spanish Civil War and revolution for years. Aside from the ideological context to the conflict it is one of the great ‘what ifs’ of history. Between 1936 -1939 anarchist, socialist and republicans in Spain supported by thousands of international volunteers tried but ultimately failed to stop a fascist insurrection establishing the forty year dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Noam Chomsky has gone as far as to say had they (the antifascists) won, World War II might have been averted. While counter-factuals are interesting, they do not leave history behind them. As I traveled across Spain over the past few weeks I tried to see what did remain from that devastating conflict in the cities and towns I visited. This is some of what I came across.


I started out at Ronda, the  site of a brutal massacre during the civil war. Shortly after the coup started in 1936 republicans massacred hundreds of suspected fascists and threw some down this ravine. You can read about Ronda here.

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