(944 – 980) The Pursuit of Power (part II): The Rise of Brian Boru and the Dál Cais

Episode 8 sees medieval Ireland stand of the edge of a precipice. A rootless struggle for control of the O Neill kingdom breaks out in the North,  while in Munster a new comer to the podcast – the Dal Cais challengthe King of Munster for power in the South. While Ireland is on the verge of chaos we look at these wars and how people struggled through a very tough period of not only war but famine, hard winters and an out break of leprosy and dysentery. By the end of the show Medieval Ireland will have changed and Brian Boru will have started his rise to power……

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The Rise of Brian Boru and the Dál Cais (944 – 980)


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Glossary of individuals featured and further reading


An ABC of Irish Annals

The Annals of the Four MastersOne of the main sources for medieval Irish history, The Annals of the Four Masters, has an entry for the year 887 which talks about a mermaid 195 feet tall. So can you trust sources with such claims – How could a mermaid be so tall?