Below you will find dozens of podcasts on Irish History. Topics are widely varied ranging from 19th century Murder Mysteries to the the story of Gaelic Ireland in the 9th century. To make navigation easier, I have divided the podcasts into three topics Medieval life, The story of Irish history and Modern History. I am currently working on a series on the Norman Invasion.
A full list of all podcasts is available here listed in terms of release date.

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The High Kings & Vikings

The High Kings & Vikings series

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The Norman Invasion

Sieges, battles, deceit and loyalty – the story of the Norman Invasion of Ireland is one of the most exciting and enthralling epics from the history of Ireland.

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Medieval Life

Medieval Life, as the title suggests, tells the histories of everyday life in medieval Ireland from the story of Christiana Sadelhackere a prostitute in Medieval Ireland to the Battle of Ath-an-Kip.

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Revolutionary and Modern History

The modern history section is the smallest but covers diverse topics from the history of the potato to the story of teh assassination of John Ellis, a hated land agent in Co Tipperary.

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