Meet your medieval ancestors

Much has changed in Dublin over the past 700 years. Long gone are the dark narrow, winding medieval lanes and alleys. The wide modern city streets are clean while the medieval aroma of putrefying cesspits no longer wafts through the air. Riots against the tyranny of the nobility are a thing of the past while it’s been many a year since we’ve burned a heretic.

Duration: 2- 2.5 hours

Price: €20 per person (including access to Christ Church Cathedral). Contact for group rates and school discounts.

Locations include: Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin city walls, the Four Courts & Smithfield.

While Dublin’s days as a slave port, raucous medieval capital and frontier settlement are often forgotten this dark history is very much part of the Dublin’s heritage and story. While much may have changed parts of the medieval city still lurk at the heart of contemporary Dublin if you know where to look for it.

With numerous replica artefacts from this world of the 9th – 14th centuries, this tour will take you on a fascinating journey through one of the darker chapters in our history. This was, after all, a Dublin where a 40th birthday was a luxury many did not experience , violence was common and diseases like the Black Death killed people by the thousand.

In the oldest part of city, we will begin with the story of Colban, a slave and king killer from the 10th century, who’s life and deeds are a testimony to Dublin’s origins as a Viking slave port. On Winetavern Street we will return to 1310 to hear the story of a fight in a city tavern between John Cachfrens and Reymund Freysel. This resulted in a lethal and deadly pursuit through the medieval streets.

At Dublin Castle the deeds of Fyngole McTurkel will be recalled. Fyngole was a woman who launched a daring attempt to free her outlaw relatives awaiting execution in the castle. On the north side of the city we will visit Hammond Lane, once known as Hangman’s lane. Here we will encounter one medieval Dubliner who plied a busy trade in this area of the city – Philip of Colchester an early 14th century executioner.

These are just a few medieval Dublin characters you will hear about on the tour other stories include murderous monks, heretics and sieges. These stories will be brought to life with maps and numerous replica items including weapons armour and much more to bring the medieval world.

Each tour will take around two and half hours and cost €20 per person (minimum of three people of €60) per tour. This includes a visit to Christchurch cathedral and its famous medieval crypt.

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