The last podcast (available here) looked at the arrival of the one time Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny in Ireland in 1957 and the welcome he received from some of the most influential people in Dublin. 
This podcast continues this bizarre story using recently released files from Ireland’s intelligence agency G2. These files contain serious allegations about Skorzeny in Ireland. 
  • Was he using Cork Harbour to smuggle arms to North Africa?
  • Was he guilty of testing a gas gun on concentration camp inmates?
  • Why did he reportedly meet with IRA leader Ruairi O’Bradaigh in Spain in 1971 with a view to import weapons to Ireland?
  • Did Ireland’s future prime minister Charles Haughey turn a blind eye to some of these activities?
Find out more in this podcast.

Ireland’s Nazi Commando Part II

Outsiders is a short mini series I am making over Christmas – I will be returning to the story of the Great Famine in mid January 2018. 
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