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These are a few snaps I have take at sunset of various historical locations at sunset. Rather than leave them sitting on my laptop I though they were worthy of a share.
Kilkenny Castle, Medieval fortress and 19th century mansion.  Winter 2013photoChesterfield Avenue, The Phoenix Park, Summer 2013. Although a popular walking spot, few know its the site of famous Phoenix Park Murders. In 1882 in one of the most famous assassinations in Irish history, members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood killed the Chief Secretary for Ireland and the Permanent Undersecretary with surgical knives. The murder, which shocked the world at the time had huge consequences; the IRB barely survived the repression that followed in its wake.

IMG_0010The summit of the Rock of Dunamase, Co Laois. Winter 2013 an early 13th century fortress near Portlaoise.


The Outer Bailey, Dunmase. Co Laois.

IMG_0009Albi France, 2014. This is my favourite. You can just make out the silhouetted arches of a bridge in the foreground. Built in 1040, it is one of the oldest working bridges in Europe.

IMG_0025Finally while this may be after sunset, Carcassonne  at night is spectacular.


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