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(1171) The Norman Invasion VIII – The arrival of Henry II.


Despite their victory at the siege of Dublin (covered in Part VII), Strongbow and his Norman followers in Ireland are by no means in a secure position. Their comrade-in-arms Robert FitzStephen is being held prisoner in Wexford. Meanwhile, across Leinster they face widespread opposition. Diarmait MacMurrough, the man who invited them to Ireland, is dead, and his brother is hostile to the Normans. Plus, the king of neighbouring Ossory, Gillapatrick, is a constant threat. If these problems weren’t enough, King Henry II in England is demanding answers as to what is happening in Ireland and decides he will come in person to investigate. This podcast takes us through a hectic three-month period in late 1171 as Strongbow tries to stablise his presence in Ireland. The odds are he will fail…

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