Crowdfunding campaign for new book ends this Sunday. Dont miss out.


On Sunday, the crowdfunding campaign for my new book closes, so this is your last chance to get involved. It has been a great success so far. If you have been thinking of donating to support the podcast and this blog this is the best way to do it. By funding this book you are ensuring plenty of new material in 2015 and you also get lots of cool rewards.
These include

  • The audiobook of ’1348 – A Medieval Apocalypse: The Black Death in Ireland’
  • Book posters
  • Book t-shirts
  • Copies of a limited hardback first edition of the book (only 100 will be printed)
  • Tours
  • Your own personal podcast

 All contributions large are small are greatly appreciated.

With your support 2015 promises to be an exciting year.

Fund this book here

Fund this book here


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