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Podcast – (1190 – 1205) The Norman Invasion XXII – The North


In this episode the Normans push far into the North and North west. There they come up against one of the greatest powers in medieval Ireland  - the kingdom of Tyrone and its ruling families – the O’Neills and their cousins the McLochlainns. The last of the great Gaelic Irish kingdoms faces an onslaught but will it survive? Hear the full story in this podcast. 

The North

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Podcast (1190 – 1205) The Norman Invasion XXI – The Battle for Connacht


The Kingdom of Connacht in the west of Ireland represented one of the greatest obstacles to the Norman domination of Ireland. The ruling family, the O’Connors had resisted Norman intrusion into their kingdom on several occasions. However in the 1190s … read more

Drugs in the Middle Ages

Fans of Game of Thrones will be familiar with the painkiller ‘Milk of the Poppy’ a powerful drug in the fantasy series. Some of the show is based on medieval history and strange as it may sound medieval opium based … read more