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Talk – Survival in a Medieval Crisis, The Bruce Invasion and Black Death in medieval Kilkenny


This Friday (April 24th at 7p.m.) in Rothe House, Kilkenny I will be presenting some of my research on the Black Death in  public talk entitled Survival in a Medieval Crisis – The Bruce Invasion and Black Death in medieval Kilkenny. If you are in the South-East come along. You can book tickets by contacting Rothe House on  +353 56 7722893

You can find out more detail on the event facebook page.

The talk will include

  • Life in the late medieval Lordship of Kilkenny
  • The Bruce Invasion
  • The Great Famine of 1315-1318
  • The Black Death

Hope to see you there




Podcast – Irish American Radicals; The Forgotten Emigrants


This podcast tells the story of Irish-Americans who have been forgotten by history. These were the revolutionaries, feminists, socialists, and trade union organisers in early 20th century United States. Often dubbed as ‘Un-American’ they strenuously rejected this notion. They saw … read more