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**Podcast** – The Norman Invasion XVIII Prince John in Ireland


Bad, possibly mad and very dangerous, Prince John was one of the most notorious men of the Middle Ages. While his cruel reputation is preserved in the Robin Hood myths his real life notoriety began in Ireland in 1185. If the Island did not have enough problems in the aftermath of the Norman Invasion, the arrival of this prince threatened not only the Gaelic Irish kings but the existing Norman Colonists as well. Hear the full story of the Johns escapades in Ireland in this show.

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Prince John in Ireland

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Podcast – Irish American Radicals; The Forgotten Emigrants


This podcast tells the story of Irish-Americans who have been forgotten by history. These were the revolutionaries, feminists, socialists, and trade union organisers in early 20th century United States. Often dubbed as ‘Un-American’ they strenuously rejected this notion. They saw … read more