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Podcast – Irish American Radicals; The Forgotten Emigrants


This podcast tells the story of Irish-Americans who have been forgotten by history. These were the revolutionaries, feminists, socialists, and trade union organisers in early 20th century United States. Often dubbed as ‘Un-American’ they strenuously rejected this notion. They saw … read more

(1177) The Norman Invasion XV – The Invasion of Munster.


So far in the story of the invasion the kingdoms of Munster – Desmond and Thomond have escaped relatively unscathed. That is until this episode. In this show we see a fresh Norman army land in Waterford bent on conquering … read more

(1176-77) The Norman Invasion XIV – New Blood


The last show on the Norman Invasion ended in somewhat dramatic circumstances with the death of Strongbow, the leader of the Norman Invasion. As you can imagine the fall out from this was immense. The episode begins with a group … read more