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This site has hundreds of articles on Irish history over the last two thousands years. The primary focus is social history – the lives of ordinary people and how what were often extraordinary times impacted their lives. These are divided into the following categories early medieval Ireland, Late medieval Ireland Revolutionary Ireland and General Irish History

PatriciusEarly Medieval Ireland

St Patrick Vikings and Ireland’s First Ape! Early medieval Ireland covers the years between around 400 C.E. and the late 12th century.



Battle_of_crecy_froissartLate Medieval Ireland
Anglo-Norman Ireland; everything from prostitution, pitched battles & plague. It begins with the Norman invasion of 1160s and ending around the late 16th century (defining century long epochs is not an exact science).


manchester-martyrs-1867Revolutionary Ireland
Rebels, revolution, assassinations & prison breaks. These articles deal with the modern revolutionary period in Irish history beginning with the 1798 rebellion and continuing through the Land War and the War of Independence.



avatarGeneral Irish History.

Famines, haunted sites & Nazis in post-war Ireleand This category is lucky dip of everything from unusual buildings and graves to my musings on archaeology in Ireland.